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It's 2017 and time for another challenge!!!

As a follow-up of last year's challenge, I want to organize another one.
The general idea of a challenge is that it's done for you. It's not a full contest. Yes, there are prizes, but the main goal of a challenge is your own improvement. To some degree all of those that enter are winners. You've all won at improving your own art!

Note: This journal will be updated when things change 
Last update: December 20 2017

The challenge

The challenge is simple. 
Take an artwork from your gallery from either late 2016 or 2017 and re-do it. 
Make it better! Show us what you've learned in the past year.

How to enter 

Bullet; Red  Pick one of your older artworks made between October 1 2016 and June 1 2017 (There are no exceptions for these dates!!!)
Bullet; Orange  Redo this artwork. You don't have to use the same medium, or the exact same setting, but it has to have enough similarities to see that it's the same thing
Bullet; Yellow  The new artwork has to be made between December 1 2017 and January 31 2018. It has to be made for this specific contest!
Bullet; Green  Put both the old and the new artwork in a before and after meme (something like this one). Make sure to add the dates of both artworks, like this!!!
Bullet; Blue  (Optional, but encouraged) Write in the artist description what you feel you've improved on.
Bullet; Purple  (Optional but encouraged) Fave this journal. Make a journal about this contest. Tell your friends about it. Spread the word! The more entries, the more prizes are unlocked.
Bullet; Pink  Link to this journal in the artwork description. 
Bullet; White  Make sure your work appears in my inbox, either by linking to this journal directly by thumb code, or to tag me DamaiMikaz (click here for instructions on how to tag).
Bullet; Black  Visual art only (no writing).
Bullet; Black  Deadline for the contest is January 31 2018

Caution  Note that you need to do all of these (except for the optionals) in order to qualify for getting the prizes!
Artworks that do not fit these criteria are rejected for the contest without any further notice!!!

The prizes 

1st prize
500 Points (original prize pool by DamaiMikaz )
500 Points by saltytowel 
600 Points by IdiotTwins 
50 Points by Glo72
100 x 100 animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart 
Digital waist up drawing by TheKikkaKibaz
Colored sketch page by Kasperosm
Animated pixel art chibi by JellyBX
1 Randomly generated Sketchie Page by VanillatheNeko
Digital shoulders up drawing by JaceB-Art
Half Body with atmospheric background by IdiotTwins 
Short gif colored shaded with background by Glo72
Full body full shaded drawing by GuruOfNonsense
Lineart with full (fancy) sharing by Pomegrandeur
Full color head portrait of OC of choice by lDestiny
Fullbody drawing by cinalilli
Fullbody with a background by Temporaryfind

2nd price (unlocked when 5+ people enter)
250 Points (original prize pool by DamaiMikaz )
200 Points by saltytowel 
300 Points by IdiotTwins 
40 Points by Glo72
100 x 100 animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart 
Bust pen sketch by TheKikkaKibaz
Sketch page by Kasperosm
Animated pixel art chibi by JellyBX
1 cell shaded bust with frame and 1 color palette pixie by VanillatheNeko
Digital shoulders up drawing by JaceB-Art
Headshot with simple background by IdiotTwins 
Short gif colored and shaded by Glo72
Full body flat color drawing by GuruOfNonsense
Lineart with color and cellshading by Pomegrandeur
Sketch head portrait of OC of choice by lDestiny
Halfbody drawing by cinalilli
Shaded Fullbody by Temporaryfind

3rd price (unlocked when 10+ people enter)
100 Points (original prize pool by DamaiMikaz )
100 Points by saltytowel 
100 Points by IdiotTwins 
25 Points by Glo72
100 x 100 animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart 
Headshot sketch by TheKikkaKibaz
Sketch page by Kasperosm
Animated pixel art chibi by JellyBX
1 color palette pixie and a headshot expression Icon by VanillatheNeko
Glitched gif by JaceB-Art
Simple icon by IdiotTwins 
Short gif by Glo72
Sketch/Lineart by GuruOfNonsense
Lineart full body by Pomegrandeur
Sketch head portrait of OC of choice by lDestiny
Headshot/icon/bust by cinalilli
Flat Fullbody  by Temporaryfind

Star! Want to donate prizes? Contact me via personal message, stating what you want to donate for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
Star! If you want to kept updated on new prizes and updates for this contest, please press the +watch button on my page

The judging 

The challenge will be judged by me (DamaiMikaz), and will be judged on effort, rather than skill.
You don't have to be an amazing artist to win!!!

The deadline

The deadline for participating in this challenge is:
January 31st, 2018

The winners will be announced early February (Date depends on the number of entries there need to be judged)

But of course you can still do the challenge by yourself afterwards.
The prizes will be gone after the deadline, though :)

The submissions

You can see all entries here

Questions and Answers

Q: Does the before-artwork has to be from between these specific dates?
A: Yes. There will be no exceptions.

Q: I don't have full drawings from that time period. Are sketches fine too?
A: Absolutely.

Q: I don't have a DeviantArt account for so long, but I do have old drawings.

A: Drawings from an older account, or uploaded on other websites are fine as long as you can specify the date.

Q: I did an improvement meme last week/month/whatever. Can I just submit that?
A: No. The after-artwork has to be made for this contest.

Q: Why isn't my artwork it in the folder?
A: Did you include the before and after dates? Do these dates match the date brackets listed above? Did you submit your artwork more than a few days ago? If all answers are yes, contact me via PM.

Q: Why the specific date bracket?
A: It's a contest so there are rules.

Q: Can I submit more than one entry?
A: Yes, but you can only win once

Q: Can I donate a prize and still enter the contest?
A: Yes, you can. Only judges are exempt from winning.

~ Good luck and have fun! :dummy:


This. So. Much.
Learnuary #4: "I don't mean to be rude, but...."

What to do when you feel the need to start a sentence with "I don't mean to be rude, but..." 
1. Stop writing, sit back, take a deep breath.
2. Examine your comment. Are you trying to be A) constructive, or B) an ass?
3. If A) Rephrase your argument. Good constructive criticism isn't rude. If this doesn't seem to work, if necessary go to B.
3. If B) Shut
 down your computer and take a hike. 

Does anyone else ever get frustrated when wanting to draw a scene, but not able to get the right feeling/mood/emotion into the drawing? How do you deal with this?
Always makes me so happy to hear other people see me improving. As an artist you're just too close to the process to see that you actually improve, and you usually won't notice until it's been a few years :heart:


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Yep, that's me. A rambling idiot that just wants to have a good time doing art.
I'm not a professional artist, and I'm not aiming to become one either for now. I usually work on art in my free time, especially on my main project; Emion, a novel I've been working on ever since 2006. So yeah... I'm more of a writer than a visual artist. I enjoy both digital and traditional art, and practice both. I'm a huge nerd --the kind that pulls apart computers and does programming-- and I love everything technology related.

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