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October 21, 2013
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For the novel I'm writing, I'm doing a bit of research. But my imagination only goes as far as my perspective goes. And as I have a certain mindset and a certain cultural background, I'm sure other people will have other ideas about the subject. So let your imagination run wild.

The most elaborate and creative entry gets 300 points! :la:

(and although this isn't really a contest -- entry's are accepted until november 1st)

The situation
You have pretty awesome powers!
Although the usage of life-energy related powers are quite natural in your world... you're one of the few individuals that has mind bending powers. This type of powers are usually quite bothersome to learn, but you have a natural gift for learning that kind of stuff, which caused you to be able to do so ever since you were a kid. You cannot only read the minds of the people around you, and predict their actions, but you're able to manipulate their thoughts fully (and therefore their actions). All within certain limitations, of course.

Limitations and rules
:bulletblack: You can 'hear' everybody's thoughts by default. It's your choice whether to shut yourself off from it or not. Keep in mind: Hearing too much isn't always good.
:bulletblack: You cannot read/manipulate thoughts of people that are insane, or are mentally a lot stronger than you.
:bulletblack: People stronger than you can manipulate you, and therefore trick you into thinking that you can control them. Be careful who you trust.
:bulletblack: Mass mind manipulation is impossible. You can only manipulate one person exact thoughts at the same time. For every other person you add you lose more focus and have more risk to become insane.
:bulletblack: Mind bending is very tiresome, since you need a good focus for it. You cannot use it excessively.
:bulletblack: Using your gift too excessively or continuously causes insanity. 
:bulletblack: Mind bending is illegal by law. Make sure the police/government doesn't find out.
:bulletblack: There are weapons that can block your powers. But people won't use them against you if you're not suspicious. 

The questions
How would you live your life? Would you do the same as you do now, or would you use your powers to change things? Would you still be a good citizen, or are those powers too tempting to use for criminal behavior? And how would you deal with people knowing you have that kind of powers?

There's no right or wrong here. Just be creative :)

The 300 points go to De-Vagrant. Thanks for the interesting discussion about psychic powers in story lines. Very insightful :)
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KenScherer Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd simply use my gift of mind reading a few times to find out from week-minded friends of investors what stocks to buy and sell to make me quick millionaire and would pay off all my bills, buy a modest house for each of my kids, help some other relatives and then enjoy my life immersed in my art and hobbies. I'd probably open a small movie theater for geeks and nerds with a concession stand, arcade, comic book store, an online gaming area, and a role playing board game area. Heck, I'd have an art studio in it and maybe a paint ball and/or laser tag section. And I'd pay my employees good and provide excellent healthcare and retirement benefits. Hmm, I might need to use my powers a little bit more to make me a billionaire, instead of a millionaire, to finance that, but I think I could pull it off without going insane. If I could 'hear' everybody's thought by default, I wouldn't need to manipulate their minds. I'd simply listen for good investment advise. :)
NearoC Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013   Digital Artist
Hmm... honestly I'd probably avoid manipulation as a whole, but I'd probably listen in on thoughts like.. way too much, I'm kinda paranoid about what everyone thinks anyways, so I imagine I'd use that fully to my advantage. From there, I'd either probably lose all faith in finding someone I'd actually like since minds are pretty all over the place and I doubt there'd be anyone with no bad thoughts (though I've never read someone's mind so I dunno exactly how anyone other then me thinks, really.) or end up finding some good friends.. maybe I'd end up kinda deranged, too.. I can imagine becoming slowly more manipulative and trying to simply change the ideals of people important to me bit by bit to how I'd like them to be, just subtle changes that'd end up probably creating ripple effects and such too. And uh... Yeah I dunno it'd vary a lot depending on how people's thoughts were, I could just end up going batshit insane from trying to change a lot, trying to make ideals. Or maybe I'd just passively listen in sometimes and otherwise not even. At most outside of personal relations I'd probably only use the powers to manipulate people into getting an easy job with alright pay or something, couldn't imagine wanting more than that; I'd just like some people I'd appreciate and nothing really difficult to do, too much ambition would just make things harder I think, haha. But yeah, nothing too exciting- Maybe I'd end up kinda corrupted, I'd certainly not be "good" beyond some subjective thing that could perhaps be considered it.. maybe I'd help influence some laws, towards something I'd view as positive, as a general consensus.. More rights to some people? Stuff like that.. I dunno, there'd be a whole life of having this ability, and a whole load of life experiences, and pretty much everything would be determined by how things played out.
Justmecoconut Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Superhero Glomp B

(Oh can you force others to here everything once you tape in to their mind. It would be a pretty cool power. You could call it “System Meltdown”.):) (Smile) 


Well if it was me I would probably never use my power. I'd try to get rid of them. Or find away to avoid any trouble. While protecting my mind from others probes .

From a writer stand point that not that interesting.


So here my thoughts on what I do. So I guess I would probably start off like that but slowly become more and more paranoid. This will cause me to sit down and try to reassess my new found powers. This would lead me to start to dig deep with in my own subconscious creating fire walls and suppressing memories in my mind. I wouldn't stop their, but rather I would continue onward to plant subliminal messages with in my own mind to force myself to become better than the state I‘m in. Once I feel that I've gotten a handle on my personal life I would move on to manipulating others. I would start off with little animals. I’d read animals minds then start controlling them to do special task. I’d do this till they become the equivalent to a “slave pet”. This means I wouldn't have to manipulate them to do thing, but I could control them by my voice alone and have them do complex task. After that I would plant thoughts in people minds and I would do it till they think it something coming from their own subconscious. All in good fun of course to see how far my power could span.


Being that there our people out there with stronger minds or wills then my own I’d have to make a safety measure. I’d create a small suppress bundle of thoughts of all the bad things that I have done or have been done to me. This would be like a small bomb hind in my mind, which I could use to upload it in to people to shut them down due to a system overload. In other word either they will enter a coma or have a serve migraine.I think I've fainted.So if they try to enter into my mind their mind will be smash first. It would be my last defense of course.


By this time I would slowly become more and more insane. So either I would wrestle with my own insanity or accept it or have it consume me. My insanity probably would manifest it self in a form of an alter ego. This new being would be impositions of all my bad traits and all of my good traits use for all the bad reasons. Other then that I would probably join the department of defends that deals with my kind. All for the purpose of understanding the system from the inside out and later control the department. Then I’d move on to politic then slowly taking over the world. I would of course have to a mass a powerful syndicate of telepathic people because the different political parties have a bunch of them.The Yakuza  I would then start a project that would help me increase my own power while blocking out other people. While doing all that I would start a secret a cult so I can send out my hit man to do my binding. The “Slave pet” would be apart of that group. Also if any found out what my powers were I'd have them assassinated.Giggle 

scifinina Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013
I have decided (after some debate) to answer your prompt in a storybook like fashion. Before we start, though, we shall let you know my general character. I am a reserved person who has 3 main "character settings" : happy (when I'm happy i mean Super happy like I'm crazy), intense/mean, and thoughtful. Some people say that I do not consider others enough in my daily life, like subconsciously giving people mean looks (:sad: I really don't mean to...!).
now for the answers:
I would work for the secret part of the government, like CIA or FBI (they must actually use mind bending in the gov. somewhere, right?). Once getting a thorough education in a related subject (like psychology) I would find a secret org./school to get training for my powers so that I can be able to function at my full potential. Once getting a spot in the gov. i would work my way up and be the right hand of someone important (not directly to the prez but someone important to someone important to the prez so that he doesn't know my face.) and influential. Doing jobs for the gov. would allow me a bit of slack with useing my powers so that if i did something illegal i could be let off the hook. I would eventually become more detached to the people around me because i would tell no one of my powers.

if you need any clarification on my ideas on a certain subject related to this, just read 'death note' (manga) and that would be what i would do! (if you haven't already)
SonicXFan13 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
You know, this is a deep question.  You would think you would want to know the minds of everyone around you, but it is a double-egged sword.  I can spit out any answer that comes to mind but I do not know exactly what I would do in a situation unless it happened to me.  I do know that I probably wouldn't use Mind Bending on many people...only criminals and people I really wanted to know the minds of.  I wouldn't take the criminal route, but rather try and team up with the government with my special ability.  I know it is against the law, but there are always exceptions...for instance, Batman and Robin get to fight people but it's against the law to hurt people without necessary reason.  Also, I would hide myself from the public when I did Mind Bend by sitting on a bench or something and pretending to be reading a newspaper.  If I did need to look directly at someone for Mind Bending, I would make myself hidden from their sight.  If I somehow did become an outlaw, I would try and manipulate the minds of the people arresting me, one person at a time.  If a mind was stronger than mine, I could be able to tell they were probably just as worthy of being an outlaw as I was, so I could turn the tables and become a hero again.  Here is sort of what I'm thinking:

I walk down an alley with my eyes swerving in all directions.  I'm not worried about the government agencies who would normally punish someone like me...I have allied with them in previous years.  What I am scared of is that I'll miss the target I have been searching for as long as I can remember.  I have a gift of controlling the mind, but it won't help me in this case.  This man's mind is like the punch of a boxer.  Strong, mighty.  It makes my will look as weak as a twig.  He may be strong, but like I said I have the police and the government on my side.  As I think of my past, I notice a suspicious man in a fedora that covers half his face.  Although the criminal doesn't look like this that I have seen, I know that the man I am looking for has a strong enough mind to change his physical more than just clothing.

And more stuff along those lines...unless I was against the government in which case it would go something more like this:

My eyes seem to swivel in every direction.  I am being very cautious, trying not to cause attention to myself, although I may be doing just that.  You see,  just a few days ago my stretch as a heroine abruptly turned to criminal.  I don't know what changed.  All I know is that the law is not on my side.
I wish I had eyes in the back of my head, because in all the directions I managed to look I did not manage to look behind me.  I felt a strong grasp on my right shoulder.  I jumped high up in my surprise.  I was roughly turned around by the strong hand that I now realized was the General of the army.  I didn't know I was so outlawed as to be chased by the General himself, but I did know I had to shove respect to the side for a minute or two.  When I had looked at the two soldiers on either side of me, I turned my eyes to the General. "Hello Mister General." I said with as confident a voice as I could muster, "I think you might have the wrong person."
"Soldiers, give me a moment alone with this...insolent criminal." the General replied.  The two soldiers that had before surrounded me quickly ran in a direction, to where I didn't pay attention to.
"So, why do you THINK I am chasing you?" The General asked me.
"I don't know, sir." I said with a fakingly-innoscent voice.  I slowly moved my eyes to the eyes of the General, trying not to arise suspicion.
"Well," the General said, his eyes moving towards mine, as I had planned, "you should know by now after all of the warning you have been told."
'The warnings you have been given?' The words rang through my mind like a bell as I, although it was not apparent to me in my wonder, stared the General in the eye. 'What warnings?' The General fixated his eyes on mine and I realized that I had just messed up my chance of escape...
“You just did it.”
“Did what?” I said with that fake innocent voice again.
The General just raised his weapon and pointed it at me.  His hand were on the trigger and he was surely ready to shoot me for my disobedience.  'Drop the weapon' my mind told his.  He threw the weapon on the ground like a dog does with a toy.  'Now run.'  He ran, but I saw him start turning back very quickly.  'Now forget.'  I quickly added.  I hopped in a trash can for cover, but kept the top a tiny bit open so I could hear any more conversation and make sure he had truly forgotten.
“Now where's the criminal?  We have to find her.” I heard the General say.
“We just saw her.” said what seemed to be one of the soldiers.  He had a confused tone.
“No we didn't.” the General said.
“Yes sir?” said what sounded like a different one of the soldiers.
“What did you say?” the General asked.
“Yes sir!” both of the soldiers said at the same time.
I was giggling in my stinky hiding spot.

Just ideas.
Scarlet-Wings-Kaili Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Student

Yay, finally time to answer this question! <3. Been using this as motivation to get work done lol.

Been thinking about this one for a while, but I think that different characters will have different lives and each person will have many sides of them. As a story freak, I can't pick one definite answer. So......... MUAHAHAHA, this is what I would do if I was several characters, (so it's in first person)


As a "Dark" Artist:

If art was the medium of the message, then I would do anything to create that Art. It has been a while since I have used my power, but the time is ripe for the final show. As I walk down an dark ally, with the moon leading my trail, I wonder what had brought me to this stage. Strange, I was against this in the beginning, but actions speak louder than words but only when actions are seen. I guess that is why I decided I needed a bigger stage. Will I be caught and punished? Probably. I am fine with that though. The one laughing in the end will be me. 

I put my heavy baggage down to take a breath, although I do not have much time. I have planned for the show for years, where justice will finally obtained for the millions without a voice, but for some reason, my heart feels heavy of dread and pain. Was this revenge or justice? There was no clear line anymore. But I can't live how I lived before anymore. I don't want to be shut away, powerless in an attic in a forgotten cottage far away. Something has to be done, or I will never be able to face myself. 

Funny, I'd used to think this power that I had was a curse. Now I don't know what it is. Control another's mind or be controlled. Did it always have to be like that? 

Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong.... Ding Dong. 

It is 12 now, I must move. I heave my baggage over my shoulder and walk up the steps to the government building. 

"Excuse me, I am a lost traveler," I say to the guard, "May I ask where I get to May-field Hotel?" 

"Um, it's down..." the guard begins and will him to get a map, "I'll go get you a map. Wait here please." 

After he leaves, I turn to the last remaining guard. Move. My eyes tell him; I control his movements like a doll. I enter the government building and look back at the last guard before hell again. Now forget. 


...... I don't know the context of the story so I just made that up and didn't go into too much detail. 


As a Government agent:


For the country I serve, and the country will serve me. Now who is the master? The truth is both thinks it is the master but no one actually is. Which side am I on? The government, it is the more powerful of the two, providing that I keep the people calm and "happy". Happiness, is such a strange thing. Sometimes I regret it though. But never-mind that, I owe the government my service, after all they are the ones that pardoned me for my crimes and allowed for me to live. 

"Hey, Lian [random name] put your feet back on the ground and get to work!" Boss's irately voice buzzed in my earpiece. 

"How annoying," I mutter to myself and stare at the endless work behind my feet.

Buzz “Lian, never mind!” Buzz  “You have a job. Check your email.” Buzz *Boss out.

I open my email and grab a mind-bending deterring gun. I pop a couple pieces of gum into my mouth and head to the street with my coat over my shoulder.

It never made sense to me. I mean the secret jobs I do. It’s nothing more than an eye for an eye and the irony haunts me… mind bending in order to punish mind bending…

I guess I never learn. I laugh bitterly.

For the country I will serve.


As an outcast:

It’s quiet today. As usual. I like silence and peace so I don’t mind. I can’t stand the city, so I move into the most isolated place I can find. It’s so much better when I wasn’t tempted to use my powers. Why do I even have them? Why do people have them? Those powers can’t do anything but harm!  I sip my tea. Peace, peace, I tell myself. Never again do I have to worry about the problems of others, I can live in my own world, my own interpretation.  I will have as little to do with others as much as possible. Although I have to admit… it is a little lonely sometimes.

Oh well, I am good at being lonely. As I open the door of my house lost within mountains and forests, sunlight blinds my eyes for a few seconds. It’s a good day to be doomed, I think as I check my vegetable. Guess it’s snow-pea soup today



As a dealer

Money.  It’s all about the money. If I can get my hands on money, I will do the job. Those little government scums think they can catch me, but I am uncatchable. I don’t live underground. I AM THE UNDERGROUND! I smile as I enter a coffee shop. “One black coffee please, extra strong,” I lean against the counter smirking at the cashier.

“Right away sir…”

I scan the café as I wait for the coffee. Where is my target? Ah, over there, sitting alone in the corner. I roll my eyes, this is almost too easy.

Or it seems.

Holding the coffee in my left hand I walk towards the target. As I approach him I fake trip.

“Oh, I’m sorry”, I smile at the target, “Why don’t I buy you a new coat after I ruined the one I just ruined?” I do not give him the option to refuse, “Follow me.” The game is on.

As I lead him into a dark alley, I search his mind for what I need. “Yo,” I turn to him, “I changed my mind, reach into your right pocket and hold out that item with the dragon engravings.”

He does that, just in time when my mind bending breaks from his mind. “Too late,” I grin heartlessly with the item in my hand as the target pulls out the mind-bending deterring gun, “I’ll see you later!” I disappear in a fury of smoke.

“I am the underground”


XD XD XD I have so many characters but I think this is getting too long so I’ll leave it at this….

So fun thou XD

kkslidershreds Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
well to be as honest as i can... i would constantly struggle to be using my powers for my own purposes or for what is right. of course i have always had delusions of power and in most i see myself using my ability's (not selfishly) but just for myself and not getting involved in helping others too much... but despite that in a more realistic situation i would try to use them for good. sorry for not being as informative as possible but i'm just giving my opinion... did i even get it right... :P
BosqueAzul Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Student General Artist
I woke up with the sun on my face. As always since I left home, first thing is to check that everything is in place in my bags and pockets. While I was checking the last items, the first thoughts began to invade my mind: simple, elementary, basic processes of small brains...
An eagle that flies over the mountain, a fox howling in the distance, a mole sneaking into a narrow hole. I let myself fill with the stream of others feelings.
Somehow, it results quite smooth and tranquilizing after the incomprehensible madness of human minds, back in the city.
I take a moment to remove the strings of fear that still tangled the thoughts of that little animal under ground, but not enough for him to decide to come out yet. Though it’s far away now, the eagle hasn’t given up on the search.

It’s my tenth day in the mountains. I make sure the coals aren’t smoking anymore and I am preparing to leave, when I notice something with a sudden shiver. I focus on the eagle's tiny blue mind up there and forced it to turn in the direction that interests me. And yes, there they are: humans. My persecutors are faster than I’ve expected. I released the bird and turn myself off completely. Focalize on my basic instincts and try to think as little as possible, mingling in the psychic tangle of trees, plants and animals. With luck, they won’t spot my presence.
Running. Branches scratching my face. The smell of wet earth. Rays of sun that slip between the leaves. The mud on my feet. All that exists for me while I'm trying to increase the distance between them and me.

It is dusk when I stop to catch my breath. I am hungry and it’s cold here by the river. I don’t really care about that and dive my head into the icy water. Wash my arms and hands, and stay still for a moment.
Slowly expand my field, hesitantly, trying to perceive in some close minds signals of abnormal presences in the forest. I’m glad to know that the only presence that disturbs the place is my own.
I don’t have a lot of supplies, and a fire is more than I'm willing to expose myself. So I chew on my last cookies, already hard and funcy.
They'll never catch me again.

Well, that was fun!
Sorry for my english, hope not too much big mistakes
DamaiMikaz Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Icerz Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Professional Artist
I think it would be crazy and possibly pretty cool to know what everyone is thinking.

For the most part I believe myself to be a good person and do the right things.
I would use my powers to help the poor, kinda like a modern RobinHood. Any crime around my location I would try to assist.. Kinda like the Incredibles when it became illegal to save/help people but they still helped only incognito.  

With people knowing I had these powers.. I would vow to them that I only use my powers for good. It would be like I am a Superhero in the shadows since it is illegal by law.


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