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This video has been a hype on the internet over the past view days;

It's not the first time a similar message is send, and it's probably not the last time.
Over the years, I've seen many of those messages seen popping up on (how ironically) social media. And while the intention is good, I think the whole "quit social media" thing in general is a bit too one-sided. They don't realize that social media isn't just something we can stop over a day. It has become a collective mindset. A communication standard. Like phone calls and letters used to be our main form of communication in the 90's, social media now has become our standard for communication.

The matter is the same. It's just the medium that shifted.

I didn't have a Facebook account until late 2011, and I didn't have a smartphone until early 2012 (and that was only because my boss got me a new phone, and it happened to be smart). Yes, I was late. The reason for that? I absolutely hated the smartphone generation! 

Not long before that, I went to a meeting of a local internet forum. It was the first time since (I think) 5 years there was a meeting. The earlier meetings of the community were always a lot of fun. Not that we did something special. Just hanging out, checking out shops, and talking. It was nevertheless a lot of fun. The new meeting, however, wasn't anywhere near that fun. I can remember going there with a good friend of mine. He, just like me, didn't have a smartphone, and we were the only 2 people that actually talked to each other. The others just kept staring at their phones and laughed about all kind of things that happened online and we didn't get at all. I can still remember us sitting at a bar, having a drink, when 2 people that sat NEXT TO EACH OTHER where laughing about the fact that they just commented on each other's Twitter. Not even 10 face-palms could make up for that... Needless to say; we left soon after that.

When I first got Facebook, I was a bit hesitant on what to post there. I had been on the internet for long, yet I never liked sharing personal details with people. But even despite I didn't share that much, social media was a great experience for me. It has opened up my world entirely!

As a shy person, I always hated making phone calls. I didn't like "just going" to a persons house and tell them I wanted to do something. I felt like forcing myself up to people, and I didn't like that. Let alone that keeping contact with those that studied in another city or abroad was really hard, because of the huge costs of phone calls or traveling. Social media, in that regard, was the perfect solution for me. Because now, all of a sudden, I could stay updated of what was happening in the lives of friends and family that didn't live around the corner. I could send them a message and they could answer at any given time they want -- regardless of timezone. It made communication a bit more open-ended. And that worked very well for me.
As an introverted person, I don't always feel like answering people. Now I can just take things at my own pace. 

What about the people that get depressed over Facebook, you'd ask me? Well, everything has it's downsides. Of course people try to sketch a perfect picture of them selves. We leave out the negative. We don't post statuses when feeling miserable, because we don't want all of our friends to know when we have a bad day. Then again; did we go to see friends on bad days? I happen to remember that there were days in life, far before social media, that I didn't feel like going out at all. And that I just stayed at home because I felt like shit.
The mistake that many people make is that they see social media profiles as a realistic view on people's life. It isn't. It's more like a summary of the best experiences this person has had over the past time. And if you take that into consideration, social media isn't all that depressing. 

Before you think I'm preaching social media; I'm not. There certainly are aspects of social media that I don't like at all. One of those things is that nowadays all discussions are so centered about the "me", rather than about a neutral subject (like it used to be, in the early days of the internet forums). That people blabber about totally useless things (like going to the bathroom -- who the f*ck cares???), or that people use it as a medium to bully and threaten others. And... of course there's that facepalm-worthy situation in which people that are sitting less than a meter apart prefer to communicate over Twitter instead of actually opening their mouths and saying something.

But like with everything; moderation is the key.
Everything that is overdone gets annoying, and social media is no exception in that.

Over the past years, I've seen people on both sides of the spectrum. From the people that were active on 10+ social media sites, posted every meal on Instagram, and almost seemed fused with their phone. To the people that hated social media and didn't want to have anything to do with it. You know... both extreme's aren't good. The first group tends to get ignored because they spend so much time telling how awesome their life is on social media, that they don't have time to actually live. The second group is basically excluded from information, even though this isn't always done on purpose. I can remember that we had one guy in our group of friends that was basically anti social media. When we arranged a meeting in a Facebook group chat, one always had to remind us to invite person-X as well because he didn't have Facebook. And sometimes... we just forgot. 

There are many people that quit social media for a while, just to experience what would happen. Experiences differ from person to person, but are all interesting to read. If you're curious to know how your life would look without it, I encourage you to just try quitting it for a week or two and see what happens.
I've done so too and I can assure you; It won't kill you. It will make you think.

Every new technology and every new means of communication comes with pro's and con's. And every new development comes many people that oppose it because they say "things used to be better". Sure, you're allowed to reflect upon that. I would only encourage that. But the point is that it's a continuous movement that you aren't gonna stop, no matter how much you fight against it. Instead of saying how things used to be better, try to get comfortable with how things are now. Make the best out of it!
Not everything is as bad as it seems. Sometimes you just need to get used to things...
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Kalietha Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014   Digital Artist
I think the key is the same as with anything else - moderation. Too much of ANYTHING is bad, including water and oxygen. The problem isn't the media; it's a generation that doesn't know how to do anything in any way but the extremes. All sugar or no sugar; all organic or no organic; alcohol every day or not at all; love to read or hate it. The middle ground's been forgotten, and so everything's become a battle zone.
fdfxd2 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Aheneus Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
That's… not so true. Nobody has forgotten about the middle ground. That doesn't really make any sense. Nobody eats only sugary things. Very few people have such opinions on organic. The problem is that people at the extreme ends of the spectrum are usually the loudest. When you are in the middle, you tend to adopt a lower profile.

Simple test: ask a groupe (like, I don't know, ≈10 people I'd say) what they think about organic. In my experience, you'll have like 2-4 people monopolizing the attention, expressing their strong opinion, etc. Those 2-4 people will probably represent like 80% (well, I didn't measure, but you get the idea) of the speaking time. So, at the end, as an observer, you'll feel that people only either loooove organic, or hate it. But in reality, you'll have 2 people loving it, 2 people hating it, and 6 with an intermediary opinion.

Please see…, they explain it much better than I do :)
Kalietha Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014   Digital Artist
Hmm. That does make sense. THough in my case it's probably more that I tend to hang around people with strong opinions ^_^() Tends to give me a skewed perspective.
Aheneus Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
Yeah, sure, that's also a possibility :D
BloodyPonyMon Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
This is the only social network I have. I am a member of a Pocket Frogs forum, though ;3
Facebook is useless to me. I pick up the landline, (don't have a cellphone), and call who ever I need to talk to. I'm 17 and haven't once been pestered to sign up for Facebook. There are 3 friends I call on a regular basis, all of which use Facebook, texting, and shit, and they have no problem talking to me to arrange some time to hang out. And when we hang out, no one stares at their phone, or has an online conversation with the person next to them...Can't believe people do that.
DamaiMikaz Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It does happen, though. 
It happens a lot
DarkRukia91 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I quit facebook- from my exp you don't really need it(unless for family or something). If people are on their phones 24/7 then they can text or call you. 
Reason why I perm quit FB, it's because friends of my seems like every time I commented (and respectfully, I do watch what I say) I always got someone being an asshole and thats my friends friend, this would happen occasionally with different friends when I commented on their posts. What boggles me is when I defend myself (I wouldnt even curse them out or be rude about it, I would calmly explain myself) and yet I get in trouble, instead of the asshole friend of theirs, or my friends would give them an excuse. So I quit FB, if I cant have a good conversation without their friend being ignorant and they get an excuse then why should I even be on there? Not only that, back then no one would invite me to hang with them even though I commented about me going and to tell me when the date is. So I just quit. I'm not totally against social media but for some reason people have been turning into jerks form being on it a lot (it's what I noticed and exp anyway)  
DarkRukia91 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Also, I would like to put this here..this is very sad(and sickening)...I think people need to balance themselves. Its fine to be on your phone but stop and look up from time to time, its a lesson to learn.…
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