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Ahri by frozentofu

Nice work! I realize this is a very hard pose to draw with all the perspective coming into play, and I think you did really well on that.

The anatomy, for the most part, is very great. You shaded everything in her way her body really appears to be soft and round. The only thing that bothers me about the shading are the colors. Her skin appears to have large amounts of red in it, while the background is some blue-ish. I see you tried to use little strokes of blue to compensate for that, but I don't think that's enough. Skin is very hard to paint and it's color can vary greatly on certain lighting conditions. When in a cold colored environment (like blue) her skin wouldn't have such a vibrant red color. Try using less vibrant colors the next time. You'll see that the subject blends in a lot better with the background next time.

As for the anatomy, I think you did actually great. The hand on the right seems to bit off, mostly because it appears to be smaller than the other one. But for the rest, I think it's really great.

In general, I like your paining style. It's like a cross-over between anime and semi-realism :)
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