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December 29, 2011
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Morphine pills by DamaiMikaz Morphine pills by DamaiMikaz
Gah! I totally suck when it comes to thinking of titles fitting for my artwork. Anyway. I tried to do some fake-anime-screenshot thing. Just because it would be so insanely awesome to have an Emion anime.
The people that read the story, will probably recognize it. Maximillian trying to quit his job, was somehow a very epic moment. For those that haven't (or aren't Dutch). I tried to translate a few lines. I hope it'll make a bit of sense in English ^^

"Sir, I would like to talk about my job" I started hesitantly. "As you know, I've been working for Espon for over 25 years in the past."
I looked up and saw the boy aimlessly staring at his desk. His half long, black hair, hung down his pale face, while he kept staring at that desk emotionless. I didn't know what to expect.
"I know you've been dissatisfied with my work in the past" I continued, while swallowing the lump in my throat. I didn't like to admit it, but even as a strong man, I was really afraid of this small boy. Not only for his powers, but even more for his unpredictability.
"And I must say that the way the Neorasa organization acts, isn't like the way I used to work in the past. I don't want to blame anyone, but I just don't like this way of working. Therefore, I'd like to resign."

Yes! I finally told him!
I looked up at Sato's face again, but there wasn't even the slightest bit of expression on his face. He just stared into the room, with those same creepy, empty eyes as usual. I didn't know what he what he thought. I didn't know what he was up to. The only thing that I could do, was just wait. And so I did. For what seemed an eternity, it seemed ominously silent in that room.

Until the boy finally lifted his head and stared at me.
"I completely understand" he replied gently.
I was absolutely stunned. After all I'd seen from him, I'd never expected this to be his response. I expected something far more cold and cruel.
"If you don't like your job, you'll better go" he said calmly. There was still that icy stare, from those empty eyes of him, but I decided to ignore it. Sato had never been an emotional person in the first place.
"So - so you have no problems with me resigning?" I asked cautiously, when I was over the first surprise. I still couldn't believe it. Maybe because I didn't forget our first meeting, and I just knew Sato would never reply so friendly. He just wasn't like that.
"Nope, I don't mind" he replied again, calm as always. Slowly he raised his left hand. I could see something shining in his hands, but it was dark in the room and it took my bad eyes a while to adjust. When they did, I saw a small bottle in his hands. A bottle that looked very much like...

My medicines!
Frightened as I was, I searched through the pockets of my coat, but the bottle of medicines was nowhere to be found. A feeling of pure fear came over me, as a anxiously stared at the small bottle in his hands. How did he get his hands on that?
"Morphine pills" he calmly read the description on the bottle. He was smiling. "Sad. How a big, strong man, like you, depends on a bottle of lousy pills, like these, to survive."
I didn't answer, but only stared at him. I was completely shocked. How did he got his hands on that? He must have been in my room to take them. But how? And why? Then he must've known I was about to resign.
"As I told you" he continued, still with that evil smile on his face. "You're free to go. It would be pretty amusing to see you struggle and die in pain."

-- Based on: Emion - My fight for existence, Chapter 14 (Neorasa)

Emion Damai Mikaz
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Just our of curiosity's sake do you just come up with script for the particular picture or is this a continuation of a book?
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It's part of a novel I'm writing :)
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