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February 15
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Bye bye, mister Kazimir... by DamaiMikaz Bye bye, mister Kazimir... by DamaiMikaz
"Sergei Kazimir, I think it's about time we settle things. Isn't it?"
Silence. Sergei kept focused. He knew he had to.
"You and me?" Sato continued. "We are not the same. We've never been. And no matter how much you tried to deny it, you never stood a chance against me anyway. You're nothing more than a pathetic loser. Nothing more than a wasted experiment. If Psycho and I didn't get you out of that laboratory, you'd been dead by now."
"So you'd expect me to be grateful now?" Sergei screamed. "That I adore you and follow all of your orders, just because you fucking saved me?"
There was a faint smile on his ugly face.
"I've had more than enough of your stupid mindgames, Sato. Who the hell do you think you are anyway? You are nothing more than a fucking monster!"
Sato smiled. "At least I didn't beg you to save me. In contrary to you, I do have my dignity."
"Dignity? Don't make me laugh, you shithead. I'm going to kill you, and when I do, I will dance on your fucking grave!"
"Oh?" Sato smirked. "I'm sorry to disappoint you, Sergei, but I don't think you'll live long enough to see that day."
"What makes you think so?"
Sato shut his eyes for a brief moment, only to open them with a bright red glow. An energy field activated and filled the air with static electricity. 
"You know" he said, calmly. "It's science. All experiments come to an end some day. The day when the scientists draw their conclusions and destroy all the evidence. It's that day. It's time we bring this experiment to an end. It's been long enough, you know".
Sergei kept silent. His eyes got bigger, as he felt the energy field getting stronger.
"Bye bye, mister Kazimir. It was fun working with you..."

Scene from "Emion - The last light".
Briefly translated from Dutch.

Emion Damai Mikaz

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I like the dark background of it, it tells its own story just by the picture and represents so much and the way his expression is tell a story already as if there's a war that is won but he doesn't care about it at all, all he cares about is the battle at hand and seems kinda insane in my opinion but also in the background seems like a warzone already so is it a won war or a war with no one winning int the end of it cause it says alot for me, well this is the end of my critique
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Personally, before I even read the lore, I already knew or rather, I somewhat felt the feeling in this picture. The symbolism already says that much. The character's expression shows the emotions of the battle. His own feelings. I like the dark and gloomy-blurred background as it helps focuses the watcher's attention to the character and the story. The pale skin seems to show that the character is heartless, ruthless, cold and dead (maybe it's just me). I really like the simplicity of this picture. Simple but full of tale and horror. Perhaps it's just me.

p.s, amazing piece btw :P
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Spure55 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student General Artist
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Im not that good myself at drawing at the computer, at least not with a program more complicated than paint ^^' But I truly admire people like you, who can color and draw like that on a computer - its like the picture is alive.
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I really like this work of yours!! Its amazing, Im right now starting into digital art, and Im wondering how you can do that "shyny" efects n the eye and hand ...
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wonderful work !
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I love this character of yours. His facial expression in this one work is very deep, malicious, and way cool!! :D
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