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You are awesome!
Fri Aug 29, 2014, 12:26 AM
this is a shoutbox huh? well I guess I'll just shout. THANKS FOR LE LLAMA! :3
Thu Aug 28, 2014, 9:59 PM
Thu Aug 28, 2014, 7:15 PM
thank you, your stuff is cool
Thu Aug 28, 2014, 4:37 PM
Dankie vir die llama badge. Word waardeer.
Thu Aug 28, 2014, 5:03 AM
Thu Aug 28, 2014, 1:02 AM
Thu Aug 28, 2014, 12:02 AM
thanks 4 L:la:ma
Wed Aug 27, 2014, 10:46 PM
llama sweet thanks
Wed Aug 27, 2014, 6:32 PM
Love you art mi amigo.
Wed Aug 27, 2014, 5:05 PM




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The funny thing about people knowing you, is that many people want to be your friend.

"Will you be my friend?" is one those questions I get the most.
It's also one the questions I have to answer with a negative answer the most, because I don't like lying to people.

Like I've told in some of my earlier journals, my life didn't overflow with friendship nor popularity when I was younger. It was quite the contrary. I wasn't anything near popular, to the point that most people didn't even want to have anything to do with me. As the kid that got bullied, the few that dared to get close to me, more or less put their social status in the group at stake by even talking to me. And as a result, I guess I valued their friendship a lot. After all; I knew what they risked.

Coming from that sort of situation, friendship has always been a very important but at the same time mysterious matter to me. Something not be taking too lightly. Being a friend to someone meant that you had a close connection to that person. That you knew someone. And you where there for that person, even when that person wasn't feeling too well or when he called you up in the middle of the night when something went wrong.
Getting older I pretty soon found out that wasn't everybody's definition of friendship.

During my days in high school, I always hoped that there would be a day in life that I would do better. That I would be more popular, and that there would be people that actually wanted to be my friend -- genuinely, without having to hide it from others. As soon as I became a pretty devoted webdesigner and webdeveloper in university, and more and more people found out about my talent, I indeed got more friends. A lot of them. But ironically, they weren't anything near what I hoped for. Most of them weren't interested in me as a person, but rather in what was in this 'relationship' for them. And pretty soon I found out what it was all about. After a few friendly smalltalks, the truth soon was revealed.
"My computer broke down, can you help me?"
"Oh, my webhosting crashed on this new plugin. Could you..?"
"I have this problem with this javascript? I'm sure this is fairly easy to fix for you."

Like any stupid fool that hardly knew friendship, I spend a few evenings fixing computers, webhosting problems, and scripts. For free, of course. Because they were friends... weren't they? Only to find out that I wasn't actually invited for that awesome birthday party they threw in a week later. And I wasn't invited for that barbecue either. Nor were they there for me, when I found out I was sick and I could've really used some friends to cheer me up. As any sane person would expect, when I stopped fixing their stuff for free, I'd never hear from any of them again. And you know... I wasn't even mad about it at that point. I only felt disappointed.

A harsh lesson, but certainly one that taught me to never use the word "friendship" too lightly (and not to fix things for free for everybody -- that too)

I'm very social to some extend. Don't get me wrong on that one. I love talking. I love discussions. I have lots and lots of acquaintances, but I've only got a few friends. And those are the people that could wake me up in the middle in the night, and I would probably still get out of bed (and that's really something, considering I'm usually really really grumpy in the morning).

When a random person or artist on DeviantArt, or where ever asks me if I could be their friend, I often say "no". Not because I dislike them. But because they live at the other side of the world, I will most likely never see them face to face, and I know basically nothing of them other than their nickname and the art they have in their gallery (if they uploaded anything). How can you be a honest friend to a person you don't know? I know I couldn't. And I don't want to create the false expectation I can, only to disappoint one later on.


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HELP a family suffering from WAR IN UKRAINE
WE NOW HAVE A GOFUNDME PAGE huuuge thanks to Kreoko!
Hi everyone,
Life got really tough for my friend recently, and this is probably the last chance to help her small family. This girl means the world to me, and I'm trying my best to help her, but since I'm far away from them, I'm pretty powerless alone. Which is why I really, really need your help right now.
My friend and her mom live in Luhansk, Ukraine. Not so long ago a serious war begun there, putting their lives in danger. Now there's no water, no gas and no electricity in most parts of their city, half of the city is damaged and obviously it's not safe to stay there. The family went to Kharkov for a week, but now they can't s
The Raptor King by simple-mindsMy Angel by JaneLonLet's Have a Chat by UglyBathTubHobbitPentakill Sona - League of Legends by Cherrycake4World of Ren by LeftersteinNIDAqueen by theamazingwrabbitBad Behaviour [ENGLISH] by MelodyLulavitchDemon Owl by TheAncyntBurn it down by Pondiex3The Hidden Portal by AbalamAnderson CONTEST | 18 ENTRIES! | looking for Fenrir EntriesHello everyone!:la: I'm now announcing my contest- hosted by me, and Fenrir--the-2nd!
Deadline is in 1 month and a half from now!:la: Check it out, there are prizes in Arts, points, and features! :D
***We currently are at 11 entries for Lilith, and 7 entries for Fenrir. So, I'm looking for people willing to draw Fen as it has less entries (and more chances to win!!) so far :D
*added new contest entries

    Design an Outfit! Contest

Someone once said there was a huge wardrobe in Fenrir's Tower. Much bigger than any ever imagined, with many different- and sometimes eccentric- clothes for men, women, children. There was no purpose in having all those clothes, if not for satisfying his obsession of collecting things.
This contest is about designing a new outfit for my character, Lilith, and Fenrir--the-2nd's character Fenrir! Read about them in these refs and pu
Minato Arisato by YomiellI Am A Warrior by bloosicing $10 commissions!!!
This means -50% on portraits!!!
So only $10 for a portrait like these:
--> Check this journal for more info about my commissions
Since I have some free time again, I decided to give a discount on my commissions :) I'm hoping to get some more commission work this way ^^
My goal is to fill 10 slots with commissions, and I really hope I won't make a fool of myself if it turns out that no one is interested =p (oh well, there's no real harm in trying)
Thanks for reading!

Want to pay with points? Scroll down on my page, there's a commission widget ^^
1) WritingRin
2) WritingRin
3) The101stDalmatian
The First Breeze by monochromera

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Damai Mikaz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Damai Mikaz [dah-mahii mii-kas]

Also known on the internet as DamaiMikaz or Mikaz -- the nickname I've been using since my early days on the internet, somewhere around 2002. Originally I used the nickname Mikaz, which was derived from an RP character I used to roam the Dutch forums with. As the internet expanded, however, and more and more nicknames were taken by default, I added Damai as a prefix as a reference to my real name; Damaris.

I'm artist in the broadest sense of the word. Despite what my DeviantArt gallery might make you think, I'm involved in many disciplines of art. Like illustration, writing, graphic- and webdesign. While I work as a professional webdesigner and webdeveloper in real life, I don't show much of my web related work here, mostly for the reason that I can't publish everything I make for clients directly. Aside from that, DeviantArt is a thing I do for fun, so I prefer to keep it about my personal projects.

In contrary to what many people seem to think: I'm not a professional Illustrator -- which basically comes down to the fact that I don't do illustration for money. I never even took commissions, and I'm not planning to do so either. Illustration is, like writing, something I do for fun alone.

In real life I'm currently working as a webdeveloper. Which means I'm a huge nerd (A real one. One who knows how to program) that enjoys messing around with computers and actually enjoys the process of programming web applications. I have a huge interest in everything tech- and especially web-related, including internet culture, trends and phenomenons and social media. Basically anything web-related catches my interest.

If you have anything to say to me: please comment or note me. It might take a while, since the number of messages I get a day has gotten to the point that it's almost an extra job to keep up with. It takes me a lot of time to get through, but don't worry. I will get to it eventually. And even if I don't reply, know that I've read your message and that I appreciate your kind words.

Also, please refrain from begging for requests and/or point donations. I lack time, so I don't do those.

Have a nice day!
~ Damai Mikaz

Please check out all of my work on
:icondamaimikaz: :icondamaimikazold:



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