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I'm taking a while off from DeviantArt and the internet to have more time for real life, art and Emion.

There has been a lot of stuff going on lately. I don't feel the need to elaborate on everything. But I've been feeling hugely uninspired. While it's arguable that the online community serves a huge inspiration and it's uplifting to get support of many, it also comes with expectations and pressure -- which I can unfortunately not deal with very well. I lately found back an old saved file from a forum that I posted my fiction on years ago. While it didn't have so many followers, I miss the in depth support and the way people were into the project... and much more the way I was into the project. It made me realize I haven't been feeling that inspired for a long time. 

So I wish you a good time.
See you around somewhere in 2015

PS; the points-feature thing will still run. I'll have a friend checking & updating that for me on a regular basis.
Many people asked me about which sites I use (or used) to learn and keep myself updated about art. So I decided to make a list with art websites that offer tutorials, advice, or other content that inspired me. Of course there are many other individual artists that inspire me greatly, but I've tried to keep this list to the ones that provide the community of advice and tutorials (otherwise I could go on forever).
I hope you enjoy it ^__^


Proko by DamaiMikaz
A large collection of video tutorials, mainly on human anatomy. Very detailed, to the point, and with visuals that make it easy to follow even for non-native English speakers.
Tutorials. Human anatomy. Traditional art.


Ctrlpaint by DamaiMikaz
Basically your starting point for digital painting. The digital paint 101 offers a great beginners tutorial on how to paint with Photoshop for the absolute beginner, explaining the absolute basics and shortcuts. Other tutorials cover more advanced topics. 
Tutorials. Digital art. Traditional art. Photoshop.


Fzdschool by DamaiMikaz

Timelapses and videos about all kinds of concept arts make. Amazing to watch. Perhaps a bit harder to learn from, since not everything is explained in layman's terms and the drawing is certainly advanced (professional) level. Nevertheless a good source to learn from, especially if you're interested in the concept art industry, as Feng Zhu explains a lot about that in his video's as well. 
Concept art. Tips & tricks. Advice. Timelapses. Artist's life.

Imagine FX

Imaginefx by DamaiMikaz

Imagine Fx magazine  is well known among artists of all kinds for it's interesting content, and certainly worth to check out. While subscriptions are definitely pricey (especially when not living in England) the magazine comes with a YouTube channel that offers interesting content and tutorials once in a while. 
Tutorials. Tips & tricks. Articles.

Mark Crilley

Markcrilley by DamaiMikaz

Manga artist Mark Crilley showing how he draws manga. The channel contains a mixed bag of video's, some narrated and some are not. What makes it interesting is the simplicity of the drawings, making it approachable to both beginner and intermediate artists
Tutorials. Manga. Traditional art.


Sycra by DamaiMikaz

Sycra explaining how and what he draws. His channel offers tutorials and advice on all kinds of art related subjects, including common questions as "how to deal with no inspiration or artblock". 
Tutorials. Tips & tricks. Advice. Digital art. 

Level up

Levelup by DamaiMikaz

A collection of interviews and paint overs with all kinds of skilled artists and interesting figures from the concept art world. While the videos are long (over an hour) and are more something to put on as 'background' when painting or playing games, it's certainly interesting to watch one or two. The general level of artists is very high, and they tell a lot of interesting things about art and the artists life in general. Though it's probably more suited for intermediate users than for beginners. 
Concept art. Tips & tricks. Advice. Artist's life.


Cubebrush by DamaiMikaz
Blizzard artist Marc Brunet doing a good job explaining all kinds of art related topics, and showing timelapses of some of those incredible artworks. Even though his work is advanced level, his tutorials are brought in a way that they're easy to grasp, even for a beginner.
Tutorials. Timelapses. Tips & tricks.


Parkablogs by DamaiMikaz

Parkablogs isn't necessarily a website that hosts good tutorials, but it's a website that offers a wide range of reviews of all kinds of art books and art materials. While those same reviews might be found at other places, it's certainly convenient to find them all nicely ordered at once place. Parkablogs serves as a sort of library, in that regard. A great place that sparked many interesting ideas for me on which art books to buy and what materials to try out.


Skillshare by DamaiMikaz

Skillshare offers tutorials in the same way as a school would do. You can enter a program and get feedback from both the teacher and your fellow students. The big pro is the variety on programs, and the high level of the courses. The only con is the fact that it's the only service from this list that isn't free.


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Damai Mikaz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Damai Mikaz [dah-mahii mii-kas]

Also known on the internet as DamaiMikaz or Mikaz -- the nickname I've been using since my early days on the internet, somewhere around 2002. Originally I used the nickname Mikaz, which was derived from an RP character I used to roam the Dutch forums with. As the internet expanded, however, and more and more nicknames were taken by default, I added Damai as a prefix as a reference to my real name; Damaris.

I'm artist in the broadest sense of the word. Despite what my DeviantArt gallery might make you think, I'm involved in many disciplines of art. Like illustration, writing, graphic- and webdesign. While I work as a professional webdesigner and webdeveloper in real life, I don't show much of my web related work here, mostly for the reason that I can't publish everything I make for clients directly. Aside from that, DeviantArt is a thing I do for fun, so I prefer to keep it about my personal projects.

In contrary to what many people seem to think: I'm not a professional Illustrator -- which basically comes down to the fact that I don't do illustration for money. I never even took commissions, and I'm not planning to do so either. Illustration is, like writing, something I do for fun alone.

In real life I'm currently working as a webdeveloper. Which means I'm a huge nerd (A real one. One who knows how to program) that enjoys messing around with computers and actually enjoys the process of programming web applications. I have a huge interest in everything tech- and especially web-related, including internet culture, trends and phenomenons and social media. Basically anything web-related catches my interest.

If you have anything to say to me: please comment or note me. It might take a while, since the number of messages I get a day has gotten to the point that it's almost an extra job to keep up with. It takes me a lot of time to get through, but don't worry. I will get to it eventually. And even if I don't reply, know that I've read your message and that I appreciate your kind words.

Also, please refrain from begging for requests and/or point donations. I lack time, so I don't do those.

Have a nice day!
~ Damai Mikaz

Please check out all of my work on
:icondamaimikaz: :icondamaimikazold:



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